Welcome Little Brother!

I had initially planned on posting this relatively shortly after his birth, but our daily life turned into a permanent tornado from the moment he arrived, so here’s the big update … almost 6 weeks late …

It’s funny how he turned out exactly as I felt and imagined him in my belly. He has a high “mama’s boy” potential. Hehe 😄 Nothing like Emery, who’s had a fierce sense of independence from the start and clearly prefers spending boy time with his daddy instead of cuddling with me. Hah! I love how different and unique they are, and I truly hope those differences will make them a good match in terms of how they will function together as brothers later on.

The past few weeks haven’t been free of stress and worries though. We quickly noticed that he is incapable of sleeping on his back, and that his breathing is often erratic. We ended up at the hospital for this, and they confirmed that he breathes faster than he should and that he also appears to be tense all the time, with his fists tightly closed, even while he seems to be resting peacefully. After numerous tests and scans, they couldn’t find anything too worrisome and concluded for now that – most likely – the cartilage around his trachea hasn’t hardened enough yet like you would expect by now, and may still be too soft to really protect his windpipe properly, which causes breathing difficulties in certain positions, such as on his back. They didn’t want to jump straight to more invasive tests in order to confirm this hypothesis, as more urgent and threatening possibilities have been ruled out for now. They told us that if this is the actual reason for his breathing issues, we should start noticing an improvement within the next few weeks, and that it will eventually resolve itself on its own. But they also said that we should call them right away if we notice it getting worse instead. *sigh* 😟 Obviously, I’ve been a worried mess lately. Gert and I hardly get any sleep anymore. We are constantly checking his breathing and are about to give up laying him on his back. The rule of thumb in SIDS prevention these days is to put babies on their back at night. But what if he’s struggling to breathe and can’t sleep at all in that position? We do have a monitor connected to his mattress, which triggers an alarm if he gets into trouble, but I don’t blindly trust this thing. Since the tummy position is not recommended at all if no one’s around or awake to make sure he can still breathe properly, Gert and I are now kind of taking shifts at night. So here I am … sitting here at 4 in the morning while he’s peacefully sleeping on his tummy. Needless to say we are dead tired by now. Especially with an almost 2 year old to take care of during the day. Thank God Emery sleeps through the night, at least. But boy is this hard!

At this point I’m considering buying this fancy little piece of technology:

Unlike the monitor we have now, which is basically a sensor we put under his mattress, this Owlet “smart sock” monitors both his heart and his breathing, no matter where he is. So the monitoring isn’t just restricted to his crib in our bedroom. I also like the fact that it monitors the heart as well. It seems like a sound investment anyway, considering that the risk of SIDS peaks at about 6 months old if I remember well, so we’re not even close to the riskiest phase yet.

Parenting is hard, you guys!!