Wolf’s second week with us

Today is Sunday, so I put together some pictures of Wolf’s entire past week. We’ve had him for exactly 14 days now and I can’t believe how quickly he has adapted to his new life here with us. His first week wasn’t all that interesting because he spent the majority of his time sleeping! However, he has now come out of his shell and is proving to be an awesome little dog :-)

Besides being cute and funny, his week has consisted of:
– visiting my mom twice
– getting a bath
– spending much more time together with Jules the cat
– sleeping, sleeping, sleeping
– and walks in the neighborhood

chihuahua sweater winter black knit harness leash outdoor street cold walk walking tiny small breed dog short haired smooth coat beige tan cream white black brown male adult

I love how Gert doesn’t act like he’s too good to be seen with a ridiculously tiny dog ♥︎

We also went to the pet store with him to get a new harness. Look at this awesome little dressing area they have:

pet store clothes wardrobe dressing area outfits dogs chihuahua mirror corner table
pet store clothes wardrobe dressing area outfits dogs chihuahua mirror corner table

He absolutely hated it, but remained calm and well behaved.

I’m fed up with his diaper though. We’re working hard on getting this issue resolved. It has definitely improved, but it’s going to take a bit more time until we can ditch the diaper for good. On a side note: things have been going so well with the cat. We now let them roam freely and it’s been going exactly as we had hoped. No conflicts whatsoever. They both respect each other’s space and sometimes run around together. Jules the cat is still a bit intrigued and looks at him a lot from a distance. But he’s acting very relaxed and doesn’t look very fussed about this new creature being around, so that’s really all we can ask :-) I’m hoping to be able to snap a picture of them both together this coming week.

♥︎ Lisa